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Default Re: fine im stating it lennox lewis is top 5 heavywieght of all time

Originally Posted by BigReg
There's a couple problems with your argument. No.1 Tyson was supposed to fight Lewis in 1996 but vacated his title instead of fighting him. No.2 you have Holyfield ahead of Lewis, but Lewis beat Holyfield. No.3 you say most of the guys he beat sucked, but can you name one top heavyweight from his era that he didn't fight? The only two that come to mind are Bowe(he openly ducked Lewis), and possibly Wlad(Lewis was supposed to fight him but then Wlad got knocked out by Sanders)
and did you know that tyson was a year younger than lewis who is out of prime?

and wlad was a bit late into the coming it was vitali who was the one to watch while wlad was on the slower approach just so he wouldnt have to fight vitali
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