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Default Re: fine im stating it lennox lewis is top 5 heavywieght of all time

I agree. Lennox is arguably as high as 3 all-time. Don't like it? Let's look at Lennox vs. the contenders for the number 3 position. (I hope we don't have any arguments over Ali and Louis at 1 and 2).

Lennox vs. Larry Holmes- both in their primes, this is a great fight. Based on the fact that he used to be able to go 15 rounds, I give Holmes the edge by decision in this fight. Holmes had a great chin and a better jab than Lewis. Lewis would have his moments, but Larry would probably win this one with good, active boxing.

Lennox vs. Rocky Marciano- this would be a massacre. Lennox would have the advantage on the outside and the inside. I'm not saying that the Rock wouldn't connect (maybe even floor Lennox briefly if the fight went long) but Lewis wins this one by KO inside of 6-7 rounds.

Lennox vs. Jack Johnson- both cautious, tactical fighters. Lewis hits harder than Johnson and would likely have the size edge and maybe the better jab. Johnson lost to a big man in Willard and Lennox would probably be a slight favorite in this one with his huge right hand.

Lennox vs. Jack Dempsey- again, this is a great fight for Lewis. Dempsey would be inside flailing away and the strength advantage would just be too much. Like Marciano, Dempsey would have a puncher's chance, especially early but Lennox has it all over him from distance and/or muscling around on the inside.

Lennox vs. George Foreman- this could be an amazing fight. Both thunderous hitters, both with a jab and both huge. This fight would be a KO and either man could win. I'm inclined to think that Big George is more likely to floor Lennox than vice versa.

So, Lennox holds his own, at the very least, against the best fighters of all-time. His 41-2-1 record (let's face it, without the HOlyfield horsesh#t in their first fight, he was 42-2) is filled with quality fights (Ruddock, Tucker, Mercer, Golota, Holyfield(2), Rahman(2), Tua, Tyson and Klitschko). Lennox is my number 4 all-time. I just wish he'd fought Bowe in '93 and Wladimir in 2001.
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