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Default Re: I don't care what the Joy Boys believe but Joy...

Originally Posted by UliUli
...Joy fought like a fruit.

The way PBF fought DLH is wrose than the way Stinks fights everyone. Heck atleast when Stinks fights he bruises his opponents and kocks them down sometimes.

PBF has been living off his fight against shot Gatti for too long. They year is 2007 and he hasn't done anything spectacular since beating Corrales.

Cotto nearly Killed Judah. PBF nearly lost to Judah.
Hatton destroyed Castillo. PBF lost to Castillo.

PBF was missing so many shots against DLH even though DLH was standing clear infront of him.

It's time to prove he can be and fight like a warrior even at the higher weights like DLH, PAC, Trinidad, Cotto, Margarito, and many others who have moved up and still fought like Warriors rather than Pansy runners.

There are so many different things wrong with your unncecessary rant it's not even funny. Pretty much every point you made was wrong.

Spinks only has 11 KO's compared to Floyd's 24 and Floyd has less fights

If he hasn't done anything spectacular since beating Corrales, then why would he be living off a fight that happened years after the Corrales fight?

Judah won 3 rounds at most in that fight. Winning 3 out of 12 rounds is not almost winning, and Castillo never beat Floyd

Floyd landed something like 50% of his power shots against DLH and about 43% overall.

De La Hoya fought like a real warrior when he ran from Trinidad or when he was on the ground crying against Hopkins. Trinidad looked like a real warrior when he was getting pummeled against Hopkins or when he was landing 8 punches a round against Wright. Margarito fought 1 fight at 154, lost to a C level fighter and came back down to WW.
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