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Default Re: Can Anderson Silva surpass fedor as the greatest ever?

Originally Posted by Will Cooling View Post
Brett Rogers has never been top competition. And Fedor faced faded versions of Coleman and Sylvia (and Arlovski too).

When Fedor dominated the heavyweight division he was not small for the weight class - Nog and Cro Cop are both around the 230Ibs mark. The superheavyweights of the time were poor fighters - usually both slow and uncoordinated. As bigger, better athletes came into the division Fedor struggled - even Rogers gave him problems and Silva destroyed him. And let's remember Silva is not some unstoppable beast - Werdum beat him and Arlovski managed to avoid taking any serious damage.

Silva has moved up in weight - when he was at Shooto he was their 168Ibs champion. A few mental lapses aside he's been a dominant force for years and his UFC run has been incredible for the quality and variety of opposition he's defeated. World class wrestlers (Henderson, Sonnen), world class grapplers (Leites, Maia), great all round fighters (Franklin - who's defeated every other middleweight he's faced in the UFC), decent strikers (Belfort, Cote, Leben). Its a resume that's superior to both Fedor's and GSP's (although a victory over Shields brings them level in my mind).

So much biased view points here.

Do you agree that once your above 200, 210 it pretty much dosent matter when fighting in regards to weight but more in regard to skill level.

The best fighters now in the heavy division are-

Cain Velaquez 6'1 240
J. Dos Santos 6'4 240
A. Overeem 6'5 260

You could only call one a super heavy and that Overeem....Cain and Junior are very much normal sized heavies....and Cain could lose another 15 pounds of fat in reality.

Saying Fedor didnt beat up any great super-heavyweight is void, as in reality there has never been a great super-heavy or SO CALLED SUPER HEAVY.

Boxing has been around for 120 years.......we have only had 3 or pushing it 4 great super heavies.

Lennox Lewis
R. Bowe
W. Klitshcko
V. Klitshcko..
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