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Default Re: Can Anderson Silva surpass fedor as the greatest ever?

Originally Posted by Kittikasem View Post
Wow so much wrong with this.

Dan Henderson did become more reliant on his punches and less reliant on his wrestling in the UFC. Any Dan Henderson fan would concur with this. Hendo wisely used his wrestling in the 1st round against Silva, but a sustained grappling performance from him was rare in the Octagon.

Yes, he "took people down", but scoring a takedown in the midst of a stand-up fight is not the same as making a concerted effort to outwrestle and outgrapple someone. If a decorated wrestler scores one takedown in a fight, does that mean they are 'using their wrestling'? I don't think so. They are neglecting it, if anything.

Hendo, like every other mammal that has ever lived on the planet Earth, has suffered declining stamina with age. The younger Hendo would not have found it so tough going in the late rounds with the likes of Franklin and Shields.

I think Dan looked good against Wandy because every top fighter except Keith 'The Dean Of ****' Jardine was looking good against Wandy at that stage. I think if Hendo fought Rampage a couple of years earlier in Pride, he'd have beaten him. Hendo's performance in that fight told me he was a declined force, Henderson was always a better all-round fighter than Quinton IMO.

You can pick out mediocre performances from anyone's career and use it in isolation to prove any point, like you have done with 1 or 2 of Hendo's performances. The fact is the guy won the Pride GP within that period, had some very dominant/impressive performances, and only lost to the very top guys.

Stop with this "peak years nonsense"?? Yeah OK man, there is no such thing as a fighter's peak then, all fighters are peak from the moment they turn pro to the moment of their final retirement. Solid theory
You say Dan only lost to the very top guys? You must be forgetting about Misaki and all the other fighters like Kondo, Bustamante, and Ninja that Dan arguably lost to but recieved a decision over.

The absurdity of your argument can be summed up by the fact that you think Dan was peak in 06 when he arguably lost to Kazuo Misaki twice and looked like **** doing so, but was past it in 07 when he knocked out Wand and took the top LHW in world to an extremely close decision.

Your claims that Hendo's reduced use of wrestling and depleted stamina are evidence of him being past peak are unsubstantiated because Dan used his wrestling in all his UFC fights save one (how is getting a takedown not making a concerted effort to outwrestle someone?) and his gastank has never been the best.

Hendo has always been a fighter that show up big for some fights and not so big in others. Yeah sometimes you can quantify a fighters peak years but to say Dan was a different fighter in 06 than he was in 07 is a ridiculous argument.
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