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Default Re: How badass would Gina Carano be as a female boxer??

Originally Posted by 1lehudson
No, I dont think that Gina would be stand much of a chance vs the elite females in boxing, and I thought that I made that clear. But she would be one of the best of the rest in terms of p4p. Gina is a small lady, and is in the 135 range, not many elite female fighters that small, I think that she could win a title fairly easy with a couple years on the job.

Women's boxing may not be " advanced " whatever that's supposed to mean, but either way, boxers train day in and day out throwing punches. MMA fighters? They focus on a number of things, so it's highly unlikely that ANY MMA fighter is gonna go into boxing and be able to whoop people who dedicate themselves to the art of boxing. Doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman.
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