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Default Re: With 2012 close here are one man's top 30 in the super heavy and heavy field.

Wow that's an exciting fight. My thoughts on Hrgovic.

I can't believe he's built like he is at 19

Chin - absolutely sold on his chin. Kharitonov is 6'4 250lbs and very heavy handed and Hrgovic took plenty of flush shots without getting hurt and reacted well when getting hit.

Power- I think he has legit power. Kharitonov has a very sturdy and proven chin and Hrgovic seemed to slightly stun him more than once in the 2nd and seriously rocked him more than once in the 4th. Hrgovic can hit but due to his style he isn't always sitting down on his shots.

Style - Like Romanchuk and Bowe his infighting skills for such a big guy are remarkable. He should learn to jab more, control range, and fight on the outside more often imo. He takes alot more punishment then he needs to (although its exciting as hell and fan friendly)

Against other top SHW's.

Zhang - He should have a big edge in handspeed and footspeed and along with superior infighting and similar size he has the tools to beat Zhang imo.

Kapitonenko - I'd be shocked if he didn't comptletely outclass Roman

Kuzim - is even bigger and probably hits harder than Kharitonov but he doesn't put his punches together as good, has slower hands and isn't as good as cutting off the ring. Unless he stands toe to toe and slugs the whole time i think he could beat Kuzmin.

Zuyev - being a southpaw may bother Hrgovic and he has good footwork, handspeed, infighting and combination punching although Hrgovic is better at the last 3 imo and along with his size should be able to win. Zuyev and Cammarelle will present him with the most problems i think. (haven't seen Dychko)

Cammarelle - depends on how much he has left but if he's close to top form would obviously be his hardest opponent. Could produce a Cammarelle vs Romanchuk epic type fight.

Gotta say i haven't been caring about the SHW's at the upcoming Worlds and Olympics but with Hrgovic and Dychko i'm excited now.
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