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Default Re: Will Cotto finish his career with a better resume then Mayweather?

Originally Posted by Novirasputin
I never said he reached PBF's level yet.

What i said was the Corrales and Castillo wins were really appreciated as those two guys went on to not quit and fade away.

By fighting guys like Quintanna and Malignaggi (guys who are of a similar caliber and experience and who are still young and hungry) Cotto will most likely statistically earn recognition as time goes on.

BECAUSE he fought those future potentials in their prime and put the 1 on their perfect record in the loss column.

So its the same situation as Corrales and Castillo.

Corrales was of course a better win for PBF and so was Castillo (IMHO not so much OSDH and Baldo but that is opinion) but the quality of Cotto's wins against quality opp merits the same sort of recognition IMHO.

NOT as much but definately more then he is getting at this point.

Undefeated young and powerful hungry fighters are very hard to beat.
Much harder then older and experienced champs in many cases.
The point is, I am not sure how powerful or good those fighters were. When PBF beat the guys he beat, we knew how good they were.

With Cotto we are playing wait and see. For him AND the fighters he fought. These guys could turn out to be average fighters or even journeyman.
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