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Default Re: Will Cotto finish his career with a better resume then Mayweather?

Originally Posted by kg0208
Corrales was ranked #5 p4p when PBF fought him. He held the IBF title and was a champion.

Castillo was not ranked p4p and but was a champion and won his belt off of a p4p fighter.

That is not the same as Quintana who has never held a belt and whose best win is over another prospect, or Malignaggi who's best win is probably Lovemore Ndou. Or Maussa, who actually beat a champion AFTER he lost to Cotto, only to lose his next fight.

Remember, in the same amount of time, PBF had beaten Chavez and both Hernandez's as well.

Also, remember Cotto's best win is someone PBF beat already, and is not PBF's best win. Cotto STILL has not won a belt from a champion. Not taking shots at Cotto, just pointing out the perspective.

He has not reached PBF's level yet. And by the by, PBF's resume isn't considered GREAT to me either. A word overused on this site all too often. So if Cotto's is not as good as PBF's and PBF's is not great...well.
Cotto is still a young fighter though. Fair enough at this point of his career Floyd had done more, but Cotto has established himself as a force and now has the opportunity to make some great fights happen which I believe he will do. Floyd was in the same position but in reality blew it by fighting guys who weren't on his level, in sosa, ndou, gatti, bruseles, mitchell and baldomir. A guy of floyds talent should have been pushing for bigger fights then those.
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