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Default Re: Will Cotto finish his career with a better resume then Mayweather?

Originally Posted by Novirasputin
Not really. It was only when Castillo and corrales fought each other and beat Casa did people say "oh what does that say about PBF?"

If they would not go anywhere it would be an issue of them not being great fighters as they could not handle a loss.

Maussa went on to become a titleholder.
Malignaggi ditto.
2 undfeated fighters Cotto beat badly.

That tells me something about those guys IMHO.

Not Corrales or Castillo but still a tall tale sign of the quality of that opp.
How about brutally dominating the best version of Judah since Spinks 2?

Quintana is a 2nd tier, about on the level of Clottey, Margo, Baldomir etc.

I am sick of Clottey being overrated for one, especially since he struggled heavily with Gutierez, whom is 3rd tier at best and gets his recognition from brutalising the ****ty and overrated Margarito before breaking his hands.

Yet Margarito is to be taken seriously? Pfft. Cotto wipes the floor with this guy and that's yet another notch.
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