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Default Re: Will Cotto finish his career with a better resume then Mayweather?

Originally Posted by MSTR
Cotto is still a young fighter though. Fair enough at this point of his career Floyd had done more, but Cotto has established himself as a force and now has the opportunity to make some great fights happen which I believe he will do. Floyd was in the same position but in reality blew it by fighting guys who weren't on his level, in sosa, ndou, gatti, bruseles, mitchell and baldomir. A guy of floyds talent should have been pushing for bigger fights then those.
Yes, but lets be realistic.

Baldomir, Gatti, and Ndou were certainly on the same level as the fighters that Cotto has already beaten. Ndou is certainly every bit as good (or was) and was higher ranked than most of the fighters Cotto has fought. We are judging PBF by a different standard than Cotto.

The original question is can he pass PBF. I answered he certainly has a shot.

However, Nova says that Cotto has fought great opposition. I don't believe he has and that's entirely different than what the thread starter asked, which is what the post you quoted is addressing. He has fought some good fighters, but no great ones. And we aren't sure how good those fighters are. Malignaggi, Maussa, them to Gatti, Baldomir, etc. They are at the very least equal, and probably favor PBF a bit considering that Baldomir beat Cotto's best win so far. In other words, they can't "blow it" for PBF's resume, but the same level fighter enhances Cotto's.
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