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Default Re: Will Cotto finish his career with a better resume then Mayweather?

Originally Posted by kg0208
We can GUESS at how good we THINK they are. Not and I have both made mistakes when judging a fighter. I would bet a ton of money that if Clottey fought Judah that Judah would be beaten badly. Wins and Losses are the only concrete way to tell anything. And who the wins and losses are against.

Maussa is not very good. Malignaggi is a good but not great fighter. Quintana is a good not great fighter. Cotto has not beaten a great fighter. His competition has been is not great. Neither in fact is PBF's.
But you don't understand, I would have said before this thread was opened that Maussa is subpar, Malignaggi is very good, but not great and that Quintana is a solid 2nd class fighter(I already stated this).

Margarito is **** ****, that's from observation. You have to look beyond the paper.

I'll up that and garauntee that the very flat footed, stationary Clottey can't deal with a quick mover. He also doesn't hit hard enough to put away Judah...

I'll take Judah over Clottey anyday, wide decision.
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