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Default Re: Will Cotto finish his career with a better resume then Mayweather?

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
But you don't understand, I would have said before this thread was opened that Maussa is subpar, Malignaggi is very good, but not great and that Quintana is a solid 2nd class fighter(I already stated this).

Margarito is **** ****, that's from observation. You have to look beyond the paper.

I'll up that and garauntee that the very flat footed, stationary Clottey can't deal with a quick mover. He also doesn't hit hard enough to put away Judah...

I'll take Judah over Clottey anyday, wide decision.
I never thought about that match up. I think Clottey is alot more talented then you say. But he does have an akward pace and sometimes goes into his defensive shell too long. But he does have a tight D. Judah ..yeah you are right clottey style of being stationary and kind of waiting to counter would not fair well with a speed in and out guy. They would beat him to the punch everytime. I see I have some boxing ****ytic competition on
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