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Default Re: Will Cotto finish his career with a better resume then Mayweather?

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
But you don't understand, I would have said before this thread was opened that Maussa is subpar, Malignaggi is very good, but not great and that Quintana is a solid 2nd class fighter(I already stated this).

Margarito is piss shit, that's from observation. You have to look beyond the paper.

I'll up that and garauntee that the very flat footed, stationary Clottey can't deal with a quick mover. He also doesn't hit hard enough to put away Judah...

I'll take Judah over Clottey anyday, wide decision.
I never thought about that match up. I think Clottey is alot more talented then you say. But he does have an akward pace and sometimes goes into his defensive shell too long. But he does have a tight D. Judah ..yeah you are right clottey style of being stationary and kind of waiting to counter would not fair well with a speed in and out guy. They would beat him to the punch everytime. I see I have some boxing analytic competition on
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