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Default Re: Will Cotto finish his career with a better resume then Mayweather?

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
But you don't understand, I would have said before this thread was opened that Maussa is subpar, Malignaggi is very good, but not great and that Quintana is a solid 2nd class fighter(I already stated this).

Margarito is **** ****, that's from observation. You have to look beyond the paper.

I'll up that and garauntee that the very flat footed, stationary Clottey can't deal with a quick mover. He also doesn't hit hard enough to put away Judah...

I'll take Judah over Clottey anyday, wide decision.

Sorry man....I gotta laugh when guys here act like they are SO SURE of their post considering many fight picks going against them.

"The first step to knowlege in knowing you don't know everything...."

If Margarito is ****, then he should have lost a long time ago. But I guess you can just call his comp **** to justify your opinion.

Until Margarito is PROVEN to be ****, sorry mate, then he isn't.

As for Clottey - Judah, does Clottey have to put him away to win? Don't think so. He's not fast, but he's far from slow. And he's technically sound with good whiskers. Doubtful Judah ever fights someone like that unless it's a fight he cannot say not to. Like vs. Cotto for example.
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