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Default Re: Will Cotto finish his career with a better resume then Mayweather?

Originally Posted by Toopretty
Dude, you are my brother from another mother. Damn somebody that sees threw BS and Hype. And if you watch margarito fight you see.. like you said. the wins he got, he was getting outboxed every single time and went into fling a wild haymaker mode. And caught the other guy with what I call a WISH punch. The only guy I seen him actually outbox was that amateur Cintron. But you know you are going to raise holy hell on ESB calling there internet champ margarito a bum.
Calling him a BUM is extreme. He didn't hit a MAKE A WISH punch everytime. One time....ok, 2 times? Coincidence MAYBE. But if he has done that in every win he has gotten and simply gone into haymaker mode, that's called strategy and part of his crude but effective skill set.

Foreman went into Haymaker Mode often. At the very LEAST, Margarito is a solid fighter. At his best, he is a good champion, perhaps not a great one or p4p one. But he is not a bum.
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