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Default Re: I don't care what the Joy Boys believe but Joy...

Originally Posted by BigReg
Why wouldn't Floyd try to get a rematch? He made over $20 million for that fight. Lewis tried desparately to get a rematch with Tyson after he beat the hell out of Tyson. Holyfield wanted to fight Tyson again after he beat him the first time and even wanted to fight him again after Tyson bit off his ear in the second fight. The point is, people will always chase the cash cow no matter what the circumstance. That's how things work in a capitalistic society
So what if that's how they work? Does that make it alright to fight for a rematch for a guy you just beat? Not in my book. If the fight was close, which DLH-Floyd was, and the LOSER was trying to make it, that's different.

I could care less if a fighter chases cash. You and I don't see a ****in cent. Call me crazy, but I'd rather see something new.
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