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Default Re: Will Cotto finish his career with a better resume then Mayweather?

Originally Posted by Toopretty
Oh and I forgot the Santos fight. He was fighting for his life that fight. I he threw boxing out of the window. And was just trying to land any haymaker he can throw. He is slow as all **** with his punches as well. I mean the way clottey was countering him with not one but two punches before slow ass could wind up for another wide looper...
He throws ****ing arm punches, the guys technique is so poor that it's just astonishing that nobody see's this guy for what he is.

He gets by on conditioning, workrate and a solid beard, but that's not going to work against a top class opponent, it ALMOST didn't get him past a B level opponent in Clottey and wouldn't have had Clottey not injured his hand.
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