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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. David Haye

Originally Posted by HENDO View Post
Essentially, this is a 50/50 fight.

I think that both fighters will come out tenatively, knowing that each of them posses both speed and power.

Wlad will look for openings to land that big left hook and immediately capitalize and end the fight.

He'll obviously use the jab to set up the hook.

Haye will likely be wary of Wlad's tactic, and he'll try to keep the fight in the middle of the ring, using his superior footspeed and upperbody mobility to avoid Wlad's jab.

Haye will look to counterpunch Wlad over his jab, and Wlad will be wary of throwing any punches because he knows that Haye can hurt him with counterpunches.

There will be little action in the beggining of the fight with perhaps Wlad shooting a big left hook, but not landing it.

When Wlad realize that Haye is more elusive than he thought, a panic will begin start to materialize.

This panic will be exacerbate when Wlad commits to a jab, misses and is countered by a huge right hand that wobbles him.

The fight will then go in two directions...

Haye will sense weakness and jump on Wlad and finish him or Wlad will become incredibly tenative and refuse to commit to any punches.

Haye, typically a counterpuncher will then have to use his superior speed to get off first occasionaly to steal rounds.

If this is the case, very few punches will be thrown and it will likely go to the scorecards with Haye perhaps trying to land some huge shots at the end to steal the fight.

Hopefully Wlad gets hit and knocked out so it can set up another huge fight against Vitali. That would be a perfect script.
Wouldn't surprise me if thats how it goes.

Originally Posted by CHEF View Post
and with that pick, you will stay at 100% correct in your picks
He will not.
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