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Default Re: Where do you rank Floyd Mayweather as far as legacy..?

BB; I acknowledge Toneys poor showing at 175 as much as anyone. But a lot of greats have has bad patches during their careers, or an inconsistent run. Toberi is the biggest sore point for me, but the mans an old timer.

Nunn in itself is a bigger win than anything on Mayweathers resume, although as I recently posted (in some detail, can't be ****d again) I'd probably rank Floyd a few spots higher.

Toneys 'efforts' at HW show how well he matches up in the 'attributes' section; his feet were never his strong point but he was blessed with insane skill and an ATG chin to go with it.

Some amazing wins scattered over a few weights, never stopped (as a boxer, I actually think he lasted longer than he should've against Couture, although of course it means diddly squat/**** all/zilch towards his standing as a boxer) and I'd give him the skillset nod over Floyd, on the sheer basis we've seen it implemented against much sterner challenges.
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