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Default Re: Would this be as important as Foreman's victory over Moorer?

Originally Posted by AnthonyJ74
Foreman definately did not deserve a crack at the heavyweight championship in 1994. He did absolutely nothing to earn a shot at the title. George was given the opportunity to fight Moorer for the championship based on his popularity; George put butts in seats when he fought!

If you really look at George's latter career closely - at least his championship years - you will find that George was not above being a little seedy and unscrupulous. Not only did George receive an unwarranted title shot in 1994, but he was allowed to fight a "safe" opponent for his first title defense. And, when that safe opponent turned out to be a much harder fight than expected, George refused to fight a rematch. George allowed himself to be stripped of his "hard earned" title because he didn't have the good sportsmanship to grant a rematch to a fighter that not only beat him the first time, but never even should have been given a shot at the title in the first place. So, when George's plan backfired as Axel Schultz turned out to be tougher than expected, George decided he didn't want to play Champion anymore.....

That always struck me as odd. George came back in 1987 with the goal of becoming champion again. He makes regaining the title his mission in life. After he accomplishes his "impossible dream," George just gave up the belt like it was a ******* jack trinket.

Because, horrror of horrors, somehow that lummox Tucker was #1 AGAIN! Now there's a fighter who got far more than he ever deserved. Now wonder boxing's in such a state when lemons like him were No: 1 contender- for no apparent reason. He didn't beat anyone and he wasn't even popular.
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