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Default Re: Would this be as important as Foreman's victory over Moorer?

Originally Posted by AnthonyJ74
But was Moorer the best in the division in 1994? I don't think that he was. Moorer was definately a good fighter, but there were other guys in the division who were better. Rid**** Bowe and Lennox Lewis are two fighters that I would place above Moorer, even though they didn't have any belts at the time. There's no way George Foreman would have been able to duplicate his miracle KO of Moorer against either of these two guys.

He was linear and that counts far far more. Was Leon Spinks better than Ken Norton this time in 1978? No way, but who gave a toss, Ali's rematch was for the title. Spinks was the only option- and he was a lot further behind Norton and Holmes as a fighter than Moorer was Lewis and Bowe.
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