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Default Re: what fight would make the most money in the hw division right now?

Originally Posted by chrisroxthem
i dont think anyone really wants to see valuev fight in america

and LL is never coming out of retirement although vitali vs LL part 2 would have been sick if lennox didnt dodge it and retire like a puss puss
maybe but fights that make money are fights that get the average fans attentions. boxing fans would watch this fight just because its Wlad the concensus champ v some opponent just as we watched the ray austin and calvin brock fights. but in addition to this you could hook a bunch of luke warm boxing fans or MMA fans that would by the hype. remember the tittle of the fight is what is the biggest money fight. and as far as the LL v Vitali i know it will never happen but its still funny when you consider that if it ever did it would be the biggest money fight.
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