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Default Re: best next tallent?

Originally Posted by WhataRock
On paper I totally agree with that post.
But something is missing, I cant put my finger on it but I dont have faith in pittman.

As an amateur I thought he was definitely one of our best and not just flash in the pan, he was consistently performing.
But I havent been overly impressed by him as a pro.

He has certainly excelled into the next tier of 168-175 fighters.
He smashed Sherro, and I reckon he beats everyone else locally bar of course Choc and I see him having a hard time against Bika & maybe Nader.

Dont get me wrong, in another post I gave a relatively glowing opinon of Junior Talepau. Jamie Pittman ****s on Jnr T in every way.
But a guy with his amatuer prowess and talent should be looking better IMO, thats just what I reckon.

Im looking forward to his next fight though, Nonoy is always a hard ask, Jamie should beat him easily but its how easily Im interested to know. Thus far only Katsida and Taylor have stopped Nonoy and he has always been a good yard stick to measure our local guys against. Jamie has got to be careful not let it get to messy, the dirtiness and unpredicatbility are parts of the pro game.
Middleweight should be interesting if Pitty holds power at 160 and isnt weakend he should be a monster.
I think he will be a huge Middleweight. How long since your have seen Pittman? I saw him in his first few fights and wasn't impressed. He seemed to really over extend on his footwork when throwing punches and didn't have a very good offensive ****nal. But since then he has tightened up and looks to have pretty good power to go with the handspeed. He is one dimensional, but it will be a hard one dimension to beat.
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