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Default Re: 90's Heavyweights

Marian Muhammad stated that she didn't understand much about anabolic steroids when she wrote that letter, and from her interview it is obvious that she's not aware that not just anabolic steroids are banned. Notice the singular form of 'anabolic steroid' and 'IBF have banned it'. At no point she or Jake Hall mention the name of the substance exclusively.
Roy Jones Jr never admitted he had taken an anabolic steroid, he admitted to taking Ripped Fuel, without clarification whether it was Non Andro Ripped Fuel Stack or the supplement named simply 'Ripped Fuel', the one which contains ephedra. Androstenedione was not considered illegal, nor was it considered to be an anabolic steroid at the time the positive test had taken place.

The definition of 'anabolic steroid' that is used now in the list of banned substances has been changed in 2004, by the document I gave a link to in this thread.

To confirm that androstenedione wasn't made illegal until 2004, here's the press release made by Twinlab on March 12, 2004:


Here is the warning letter that Twinlab is responding to, dated March 11, 2004. And the press release dated the same day.

Here is the letter from TwinLab to FDA, concerning Nor Andro Ripped Fuel Stack, which is a notification to FDA about existence of such dietary supplement for its further review by the administration, according to 403 (r)(6) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. It is dated May 26, 2000 (Jones-Hall fight had taken place on May 13).

Jake Hall's interview (2003)
Through his attorney, Jones admitted he had been taking an over-the-counter product called Ripped Fuel. That's not illegal but it is an anabolic steroid according to the IBF and other other sanctioning bodies.
Ripped Fuel is a dietary supplement, not an anabolic steroid, it wasn't such by FDA, it wasn't such by CSA act before the 2004 amendment. The statement is also contradictory that Ripped Fuel is not illegal, but at the same time it's an anabolic steroid per his claim, anabolic steroids were actually illegal at the time, and how can Ripped Fuel be anabolic steroid and not be illegal, Jake Hall doesn't explain. Thus his statement
Whether that's what he took or not we don't know, but he did test positive and admitted to taking a steroid.
is completely false, as Jones has not done such a thing. It also doesn't make sense for Jones to openly admitting of taking an anabolic steroid, howmany sportsmen have you seen doing this? He admitted to taking Ripped Fuel, a fully legal dietary supplement at the time, not banned by FDA that regulates such supplements and advises other orgainzations accordingly about a list of exact such products that should be banned.
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