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Default Re: How badass would Gina Carano be as a female boxer??

Originally Posted by RAMPAGE0017
Women's boxing may not be " advanced " whatever that's supposed to mean, but either way, boxers train day in and day out throwing punches. MMA fighters? They focus on a number of things, so it's highly unlikely that ANY MMA fighter is gonna go into boxing and be able to whoop people who dedicate themselves to the art of boxing. Doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman.
your not reading my posts. Im talking that she becomes a boxer, Im not saying that she could walk into a ring and win a title. I will be the first to tell you that I dont think that any mma person man or woman would walk into a ring and walk out a champ. I think there would be 0 chance of that. As I stated in my previous post that given a few year Carano would be able to win a title with little problem.

As far as women boxing not being that advanced, what i mean by that is simple, were are just now getting to the point were little girl boxers are becoming pro boxers. Most of todays top female fighters have only recently come to the sport. I can tell you first hand from working with kids in the gym. We have three girls that have been fighting for over 7 years, age 14, 16, and 19. When those kinds of girls start to turn pro then the sport will start to become more advanced, as long as you have ladies starting up at 28 you have a lack of skilled talented fighters, not to mention that I think that its a pretty well known fact that women decline much faster then men, with the way that the female body changes in order to perform its natural duties.

PS for those of you dont know who we are talking about

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