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Default Re: fine im stating it lennox lewis is top 5 heavywieght of all time

Originally Posted by Vantage_West
give me a reason why he shouldnt be thought as the best heavywieght champion


3 times world champion
beat every man he went into the ring with
cemented his reign with koes wins over the best of the era (and it was not weak as ld timers claim to discredit himand improve the earlier boxers.
only one world champion he didnt face and that was bowe who ducked him openly
unification fight twice (rarely ever done once)
never ever dodged anyone
great technician
outside was genius
inside a slugger
tools- the jab the right hand the left hook the uppercut the clinch the combinations the power the speed especially being 6'6
Some good points.

I honestly think Lewis' stock will continue to rise and rise with time (ala Holmes) he's still not quite getting the recognition he deserves from some quarters, however. Not that long ago I rated him in and around the back reaches of the Top 10/just outside it- however, personally my respect for Lewis has grown ever since his retirement.

It's fair to say in that growing up watching Tyson, Lewis, Holyfield and Bowe from their early days that I always regarded Holyfield and Tyson to be my fave HW's- they just had a magnetic appeal that Lewis didn't seem to possess to the same extent. Lewis also tended to coast along on a play-it-safe mode in some fights, occasionally he fought down the the level of his 'lesser calibre' opponents (Phil Jackson and Željko Mavrović) wheareas the others tended to be more electrifying and exciting fighters in a gung-ho type sense.

Looking back, through time his quick-fire destructions of Grant, Golota and Ruddock were immensely impressive statements and rank amongst the best wins in the recent history of the HW division, defeating . Losing to McCall and Rahman were mere blips on the radar- both defeats he avenged. Much was made of Lewis' chin being supposedly china, however the Tua, Tyson, Bruno and Mercer fights showed that he had a good punch resistance when it came to soaking up acumulative shots.

He's definitely Top 10 of All-Time in terms of greatness (I have him #5), in terms of head-2-head combat you could argue for even higher.
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