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Default Re: NEW Aussie Boxing Tipping Comp

Originally Posted by PorkChopExpress
Is it you pick your fighters by Stoppage or KO.

Picking the winner gets you 1 point, picking the winner AND the methodyou get 5 points.

You get 1 joker and if you pick your winner and method with it you get 10 points.

Dont know if you get extra points for picking only the winner with your joker. Is it 2 points? Or 5? Or none?

Going from memory here and I didnt pay a whole lot of attention to the points system, just picked em and my joker.

And there's something to do with Draws also (which I'm thinking about changing to for Hatton/Castillo)... actually, perhaps it's best left to someone who knows what the **** they're talking about.
Before anyone does anything crazy it works like this

2 points for picking the winner, double that if you picked the way it happenned (points or KO).

A joker will double the points of a pick, e.g, 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 8, (if you pick a draw which is 5 points it becomes 10). There's a 5 point bonus for a perfect week, 10 points bonus for a perfect week plus picking all the KO's and decisions. If there's a draw, it screws everybodies week, but you get a consolation point, but obviously that's the reward for taking the risk in picking a draw.

If it's confusing don't worry, atleast it's consistent, just put in your picks (by decision or KO), and one joker each week, and i'll take care of the rest.

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