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Default Re: Who is taking Paul Williams this weekend?

Originally Posted by PBF P4P #1
Before Clottey got injured I thought he would walk away with it after how the first 4 rounds went. Did you?
I had no doubts.

I was a bit concerned when I read that he injured himself prior, but I already knew Joshua Clottey had limits. He tired against Gutierrez and Baldomir and I just knew the kind of pressure and pace Margarito would set would be too much. You have to remember that Baldomir and Gutierrez are also pressure fighters, they just don't throw as many punches as Margarito does.

I don't buy into the bruised knuckle stopping him theory like so many others. Fact of the matter is around rounds 3-4 Margarito really started to beat on Clottey's arms and body, and about round 6 Clottey was gassed. Sure his hand was hurting, but you aren't gonna tell me that throwing a punch with a bruised knuckle will stop you. Not if you are true championship material.
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