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Default Re: 43-0 with 31 kos and you still need a tuneup?

Originally Posted by C Money
Pay attention and learn to READ ***!! I've stated it prior in this thread but will humor this once again.

30 -Casamayor Interim BA Champ/ Freitas was BO

35 PBF ducked Spadafora IBF titlelist who BEAT HIS ASS in the gym and it took 3 years and rehab to get an offer from Floyd Despicable when most in the world believe that Floyd wins easily.

40 Tszyu/Hatton because HE ****ING BEAT THE REAL CHAMP and is STILL TO THIS VERY MOMENT THE LINEAL CHAMP AT 40. Note that PBF opted for Gatti over Tszyu.

47 SSM/Margarito you can now add Cotto.

54?? Please ****ing Floyd aint no Jr. Middle ***** he weighed 150 and beat an OLD DLH!! Gee, how come Floyd never fought Wright at 54 after calling him out?? Winky would have beat the **** outta Floyd.

How many defenses did PBf have at 47 or 54?? ANswer=NONE YET!!!

You should know all about eating **** ***TIME!!! Floyd's four best opponents are Corrales, castillo, Judah, and DLH. ADD Hatton, SSM, Cotto, and the margarito vs Williams winner. THEN YOU CAN TALK *****.
You are ignorant and offputting.
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