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Default Re: 43-0 with 31 kos and you still need a tuneup?

Originally Posted by C Money
Pay attention and learn to READ fag!! I've stated it prior in this thread but will humor this once again.

30 -Casamayor Interim BA Champ/ Freitas was BO

35 PBF ducked Spadafora IBF titlelist who BEAT HIS ASS in the gym and it took 3 years and rehab to get an offer from Floyd Despicable when most in the world believe that Floyd wins easily.

40 Tszyu/Hatton because HE ****ING BEAT THE REAL CHAMP and is STILL TO THIS VERY MOMENT THE LINEAL CHAMP AT 40. Note that PBF opted for Gatti over Tszyu.

47 SSM/Margarito you can now add Cotto.

54?? Please ****ing Floyd aint no Jr. Middle BITCH he weighed 150 and beat an OLD DLH!! Gee, how come Floyd never fought Wright at 54 after calling him out?? Winky would have beat the shit outta Floyd.

How many defenses did PBf have at 47 or 54?? ANswer=NONE YET!!!

You should know all about eating shit FAGTIME!!! Floyd's four best opponents are Corrales, castillo, Judah, and DLH. ADD Hatton, SSM, Cotto, and the margarito vs Williams winner. THEN YOU CAN TALK BITCH.
You are ignorant and offputting.
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