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Originally Posted by ardy
SHAMROCK, Can you contribute anything about Irish or Irish-American boxers to this thread in the future. We need as much imput as possible.
Haha, would if I could ardy, but I'm in New Zealand. Awesome seeing this thread tho. I'll do what I can from down under.

Does anyone know Phil Connor from Ringsport in Belfast? I'm recently getting boxing stuff from him. Great guy to work with.

RTE 2 is a great channel, I have seen Duddy and Lee for the 1st time thanks to it!

I brought John O'Sullivan out from Cork a couple of years back to make his debut to pro boxing in NZ, he won his fight at ABA Stadium in Auckland then went home and died in a car smash. The crowd loved John in Auckland, lot of irish here. I still keep in touch with his mom.

Sad story, broke me up. John had his last Christmas dinner with my wife and I.

Not all bad tho, John, like me, liked Murphys and Guinness. We hit a few bars when he was here.

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