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Default Re: Fitzimmons v Foster

Originally Posted by Stonehands89
Fitzsimmons? A great boxer for his day and in his context. Yes, for his day and in his context. His hands were too low. His stance was all wrong for a fighter of Foster's caliber -Leaning back as a way to lure boxers in has happily not survived the natural evolution of style over the past century.
It seemed to work okay for Muhammed Ali, didnt it?


Same with carrying hands low.
But quite a lot of fighters still do carry their hands low nowadays. Usually after about 30 seconds of the round. And most boxers who through the lean back style, do carry low hands, because there head is hard to hit clean and they need to protect the body.

by the way, you do realise that, like all fighters, he did raise his guard when he was being attacked to the head, he didnt just stick his chin out and wait to be hit, dont you?

Combinations as we know them were rare then and Fitzsimmons would have had no answer for it. He hurled haymakers well against defensive specialists of the day like Corbett -who usually leaned back and away or ran away. But Foster would step inside of these and shoot shorter, faster, and better leveraged shots off his chin.
You dont think Corbett could combinationt punch? Or choynski or many of the others that Corbett fought. As big hitting as foster was at light heavy, he isnt going to hit any harder than Jeffries and Fitz took Jeffries punch more than a few times. This is a good fight, but Foster doesnt have the chin to stand up to Fitz' big shots.

Foster would KO him early.
No one kod a prime Fitz early. Foster does well to last the distance.
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