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Default Re: Holyfield vs Bowe 1

Originally Posted by Duodenum
I haven't seen Holyfield/Bowe II since it aired live, but I was perfectly able to tune out the Fan Man incident, and saw Holyfield's display as a very intelligent and resourceful performance in regaining the title.What's important from my perspective, is that Bowe came off the deck in the rubber match, and prevailed. It was also gratifying after the match to observe the respect shown by Bowe to Holyfield, a refreshing change from all the latter day self-aggrandizing parroting of Ali, and trash talking. Bowe acknowledged openly that by the example of his public conduct, Holyfield elevated Bowe. To get noticed, be different.
I'm not saying Holyfield was a moron but he had to continually fight the urge to have a ruck. Bowe II shows examples of this.

I am sure Holy was ill or something in the third fight. He just had nothing and that was against a whale known as Bowe.
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