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Default Re: What's worse: nostalgia or anti-old timer bias?

Boxing is very much less popular these days, and as such, the talent pool is smaller. Youth are distracted with them newfangled diddly Ipods and internets. Very few go to such an ancient barbaric thing as a boxing gym and sweat and stuff. It's icky.

The point I'm trying to make is that it's perfectly logical for boxing to be at a low-point right now in width. There are always sparks -- such as PBF, and we just came off a nice era with Trinidad, De la Hoya, Mosley, Sweet Pea, Barrera, Morales, etc.

On the other hand some really do believe Marciano could best Lewis -- I'm no Lewis fan, but Marciano was smaller than Frazier. He belongs as much in a ring with Lewis as he does with Bernard Hopkins.

So it's a bit of give and take -- I find it the more high-profile old fighters are built up too much -- and the low-profile old champions are not given any credit what-so-ever. The gap is enormous. If you are unloved, your abilities and accomplishments are played down and vice versa. Take Ingemarr Johansson, a world-champion that beat Floyd Patterson. I bet if you asked anyone if he would win against Buster Douglas it would give people some pause -- but if you ask them if Floyd Patterson would win, they would be much more eager to confirm it, even though the two examples were very competitive.
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