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Default Re: John Ruiz Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Something tells me if he had the mustache his manager wore and fought in 1902 with that same style his praises would be never-ending in these parts.
Yes and no.

As an outfighter, he's probably a slicker boxer under modern rules than most of the turn-of-the-century heavyweights. (Scary, isn't it?) A century of adaptation to gloves makes a difference.

In the clinches, though, I don't think his style would translate well to Jeffries' era. He got away with his jab-n'-grab because most fighters don't train for that sort of thing these days, since the rules don't allow it. Ruiz gambled on developing a skillset that skirted the edges of 21st century rules.

In a time machine bout against somebody like Jeffries, he'd be up against an opponent who trained with world-champion wrestlers. Same goes to some degree for other heavyweights from that period. If you've seen Ketchel's footage on Youtube, you probably noticed how the first couple rounds against Papke looked a little like a weird Greco-Roman match with gloves.

Under the early 20th century's permissive clinching rules, Ruiz would probably get out-mauled by anybody close to his own size.
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