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Originally Posted by PH|LLA View Post
hard to tell as one guy was coming towards him and the other was moving away

personally, I thought Pac put on an impressive performance against Mosley... basically forcing him int survival mode. Every time Mosley stood his ground Pac tagged him with clean hard shots. I don't see anything Mosley could have done to win that fight. Pac's 1-2 looked fast as hell and those straight lefts he landed to the body looked like killers.
I agree with how you saw this fight, Pac could only do so much with a fighter that was too worried to engage.

Mosely would have seen the tapes of Cotto/marg & hatton, they got tagged hard when they were in the process of throwing their punches..
To me it during the exchanges that Pac gets his man with those shots that they didnt see..

I think with that in mind, mosely just went into survival mode. Although pac could have cut of the ring better, I will gve him the benifit of the doubt bcoz of his leg stiffness complaint
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