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Default Re: John Ruiz Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Fighting Weight View Post
Lewis ducked him apparently, and Byrd
I congratulate you on not mentioning a Klitschko brother. But you are still apparently butt hurt over Byrd/Lewis. I've educated numerous posters(some morons like yourself, some actually very intelligent) on the subject, so if you want a "go" bring it or shut the **** up.

At any rate, Golota/Ruiz is a classic. Very fun fight. Ruiz could be a pain to watch but he was an effective fighter and perhaps unfairly dismissed. In terms of overall achievement and resume, he is in the upper tier of his era, and deserves more respect.

From 2000-2005

The Quiet Man fought 11 straight top 10 Ring opponents with a solid winning record of 5-4-1-1; who else took on such consistent stiff competition in recent years with a winning record to show for it? Not Wlad, not Lewis, not Byrd, nobody fought that many straight contenders. He many not be a great, but he was damn good, like it or not.

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