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Originally Posted by znaak View Post
Thanks! That's what I need to hear. I'm currently working more on going to the body. Same with fighting on the inside. I know how to fight on the outside - just need to be comfortable with different styles. That's true about my right hand. I caught him clean when I shortened it up and threw it more straight. I put too much effort in throwing it, then it became wide. I usually don't throw it that way, but it's something I got a bit bothered about after this fight. So I need to throw more to the body and shorten up my right hand. That's great advice. Thanks again.

That was my fight number 87.

That's quite a few amateur matches. Are you considering a shot at pro boxing? Amateur boxing must be big in your country. In my area of the US (New Orleans), there aren't that many boxing gyms left. Many of them were closed down after Hurricane Katrina and the ensuing flood that had water hanging around for a few weeks before finally being pumped out. Most of them never returned.

Boxing was big down here at one time with several pro fighters coming out of local gyms fighting at any of 3 venues around the city. There were also lots of amateur fights with the cards usually held in the spring and fall months. Many of the gyms at that time didn't have A/C so folks wouldn't come out in the summer.

Taping your fights is a great idea and it gives you immediate feedback on what you did right and what you did wrong. It's a lot easier to understand what went wrong when you see it in living color right in front of you.
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