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Originally Posted by znaak View Post
Before turning pro I want to make the Olympics. And no, amateur boxing is really small in Norway. Hehe. And professional boxing is even illegal. I've gotten most of my fights in international contests. Have been getting many fights since I debuted on the national team five years ago. I live in a tiny city down south where I need to travel 7 hours to get sparring.

A real shame to hear about that situation... I guess it will take many years to get it back and rebuild everything to the same level as before.

Are you an amateur boxer yourself, or are you a coach?

No, not a boxer or coach, just a long time fan of boxing. I'm 58 yrs. old and have been following boxing since I was a small kid. My dad and I would watch live bouts on TV starting in the late 50's on TV. Friday Night Fights from Madison Square Garden sponsored by Gillette, the razor company. One of my favorite uncles was a Fleet Champion when in the Navy during WWII and after my dad died, he encouraged me to try boxing.

I did box some when I was a teen, had a couple fights that I won, but I had a persistent injury due to a congenital defect in my left shoulder. On several occasions it would allow it to separate quite easily if I missed left hooks or got countered in the chest while the left was still extended. Very painful injury and cuts deeply into training when it happens.

Hats off to you for accomplishing what you have under those circumstances. I can't imagine having to travel 7 hours just to spar, then to fight on an international level to boot. Good for you.

Right now, there are only a couple gyms in the New Orleans area that I know of. Pro boxing here is pretty much dormant, but at one time there were several good pros that fought out of my city. One of the better ones was a guy named Tony Licata. He fought Carlos Monzon for the Middleweight Title many years ago and got beat for his effort, but he got there. Tony died a few years ago but I sparred with him at St. Mary's Gym in the French Quarter back in the late 60's right before he turned pro.

Sorry for the length of this post. I get to talking about boxing and sometimes get long winded.

Good luck to you in the future.
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