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At the end of the day I'm a man with a bunch of excuses, but I hope to make good on my goals one day
I started before I had my national service in the army, loved it, but could not train for it then because I was not in the national team by the time I was enlisted. 2 years later, I moved country, came to Manchester, first year of University. trained very hard for 4 months, neglected my studies, failed every single module I took in that first term. Knocked the boxing on the head for the second term (January 2009) and haven't really got back into it since. I've stayed in good shape and taken an interest in strength sports (strongman, weightlifting) which is a lot more straightforward and "risk free" to develop (i.e you suck, you lift less weight badly, instead of getting hammered and exhausted in the ring with an opponent). Plus I moved house since then and its not as easy to get to the gym with my job currently, so its on the complete back burner (boxing). I DO want to compete though, I am only 22 still so plenty of time ahead of me. I would like to get some achievements in boxing before my amateur time is up, some international tournament win or podium position, or national title etc. Boxing is and always will be my first and true love in sports. No other sport compares, period.
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