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Default Re: Rank these "Top 5 Defeated Opponents" by Ali, Holyfield & Lewis in overall H2H or

Originally Posted by PhillyPhan69 View Post
Just out of curiosity why do you rate 75 Frazier higher than 74 Frazier, and to a lesser degree 96 Mercer higher than 95 Mercer?
Thanks for asking.

Frazier (Ali III) is above Frazier (Ali II), because in Manila, Frazier brought a "raging fury"; the mentality of a fearless come-forward warrior, a vicious junkyard dog who is determined to sadistically inflict as much pain & suffering as possible & is willing to walk through hell & even die in the ring to do so. Whereas in Ali II, Frazier visibly lacked the ferocious burning hunger inside him, & was content to do more "boxing" than "brawling", despite the fact he is only suited for the latter. Where was his "eye of the tiger" in the second fight? I know Ali was allowed to illegally clinch too much, but Frazier clearly had a deficiency in terms of a ferocious desire to be brutally relentless.

As for Mercer, notice that i ranked both versions at #12 & put "=" signs next to them, to represent equality of H2H ability.

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