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Default Re: Rank these "Top 5 Defeated Opponents" by Ali, Holyfield & Lewis in overall H2H or

Originally Posted by Kalasinn View Post
This should be a fun little task. Included are my opinion of the top 5 opponents beaten (H2H terms) by Ali, Holyfield & Lewis. These 5 opponents for each are not in any order. Your task is to combine the 3 lists of 5, to create a ranked H2H list of 15. Make sure you think in regards to the specific versions of fighters listed in brackets, when creating your list. I hope to see lots of differing opinions. I will do my list later.

Norton ('73 Ali II)
Frazier ('74 Ali II)
Foreman ('74 Ali)
Frazier ('75 Ali III)
Liston ('64 Ali I)

Mercer ('95 Holy)
Old Foreman ('91 Holy)
Bowe ('93 Holy II)
Tyson ('96 Holy I)
Old Holmes ('92 Holy)

Old Holyfield ('99 Lewis II)
Bruno ('93 Lewis)
Vitali ('03 Lewis)
Mercer ('96 Lewis)
Rahman ('01 Lewis II)

Note: Your task is to combine the 3 unordered lists of 5, to create a ranked H2H list of 15.

Note 2: Liston ('65 Ali II) & Tyson ('97 Holy II) are not included for obvious reasons.
Foreman or (74Ali)
Bowe of (93 Holyfield II)
Tyson of (96 Holyfield I)
Vitali of ( 03 Lewis)
Fraizer or ( 75 Ali III)
Fraizer of (74 Ali II)
Mercer of 95 Hoyfield
Old Holyfield (99 Lewis II)
Mercer of (96 Lewis)
Liston of (64 Ali)
Norton of (73 Ali II)
Old Holmes (93 Holyfield)
Old George (91 Holyfield)
Bruno (93 Lewis)
Rahman (01 Lewis II)

Ok this was a tough one as its all about styles I think you could switch Vitali,Tyson and Fraizer 75 anyway you want., for instance Holyfield of 99 probably have had enough left to beat Tyson 96, but i cant rank Holy over the Mercer of 95 someone he bareley edged when he was much fresher. Wanted to put Fraizer above older Tyson and even Bowe and Vitali,but i think they are all wrong for even the thrilla Manila Fraizer, maybe even an old Tyson. Fraizer the better fighter the better fighter than Vitali but dont think Vitali could keep Fraiser honest and use his size, Fraizer had more heart,greater legacy than the comebacking Tyson but when matched up against eachother ,evenn an old Tyson would have still kod Fraizer.....Norton excellent fighter but style wise and old Liston and probably that version of Mercer kos him... BUt I rate Norton as the overall better fighter than Mercer and no way any version of Mercer gives Ali trouble, Like Norton did.
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