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Default Re: Brock has diverticulitis again,JDS vs Carwin at UFC 131 now.

Originally Posted by Primenal View Post
I feel sorry for Brock (even though he's been a **** in the past at times). I also feel sorry for the guys who say UFC HW's are the best currently....Cuz they use JDS and Cain as reasoning as why it's the best. JDS gets knocked out (by the guy who was beaten by Brock) and everyone will say "he wasn't proven," & "who did he fight?" & "overraed"
If Fedor can dominate heavies for 10 years without a loss, loses one fight and people ask these questions then JDS will get ****ped on after he loses to "No gas tank" Carwin.

I do like SF heavies a lot more, but I disagree with all that. Carwin has to be one of the biggest punchers in the history of MMA seriously, and that's why he's knocking JDS out. JDS is great though, but isn't all that proven IMO to merit him better Overeem for instance (as tons of people on this very forum argue, and I can't understand how beating Nelson & old Nog make this argument). If JDS wins though, and survives Carwin then I'd give him some props for this fight.
in terms of accomplishment JDS has done more than carwin therefore JDS is more proven than carwin.

both beat gonzaga
JDS beat:
Roy nelson
Cropcop (even tho he is shot)
Werdum who was a top contender atm and still is

JDS has 2 KO of the night while carwin has only 1
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