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Default Re: Is it impossible for the fighters of today to ever reach the greatness of SRR or SRL?

Roy Jones after the GM incident has stated before that he holds back on fires rather then going for the KO. He doesn't want to see anyone hurt like him by his hands.

But beyond that. I feel it's impossible for fighters of today to get there. If a fighter today loses one fight by KO he is forever tarnished and his chances of ever being a top 5 are greatly diminished. No matter how good his comp is.

Although I think Floyd has the greatest chance. With Hatton,Cotto, Mosley still on the table. But I laugh at the fact that people whenever you compare a match up, Floyd vs SRL. Its always SRL wins all 15 rounds and Floyd stands no chance. Its unbelievable that people are like this. IDK Maybe its because Im only 20 and rate the new age so greatly but thats how I feel.

Also isn't there restrictions on how fast you can fight after you've just fought.

I know theres a restriction when you lose and how badly you've lost and if it was by a KO.
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