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Default Re: why did Duran never fight...

Originally Posted by Duodenum
I've seen that pic as well, JT. Alex had considered Duran a friend, but when they crossed paths during that period, El Cholo, being the way he was at the time (a competitor who motivated himself through hating all of his opponents), glared at Arguello, and said, "When we fight, I'll kill you!" (Surprise, surprise.) Alexis, ever the Dale Carnegie student, was shocked at Roberto's sudden hostility, but he should have known Duran well enough to expect behaviour like that.
Alexis was asked if he could have beaten Duran had they fought, and he replied that he didn't beleive that he could.

Alexis was a fan of Duran and as Duran moved up in weight and challenged heavier champions, you can see him in the first few rows. He seemed to be alone, cheering for Duran. He was at Montreal and I believe he was at the Hagler fight as well. He was the Nicarguan waving the Panamanian flag.
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