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Default Re: Rank these "Top 5 Defeated Opponents" by Ali, Holyfield & Lewis in overall H2H or

Originally Posted by frankenfrank View Post
You think way too highly of the old , obese , slow , barely moving , plodding , armpuncing Foreman whom took 12 rounds of punishment to KO Moorer whom might have even not deserved the win against a cardiovascularly malfunctioning Holyfield whom destroyed him in the rematch , but wait .. , you mean the (same as above) Foreman who took 12 rounds of punishment for glory and a payday , and the chance of having a lucky flush score which actually happened but still didn't win him the day .
Even though i got love for Big George. I think this is the best post you have probably ever made Foreman very dangeruos,great Jab,Great chin..l,,But overall to slow and in long fights he got hit alot.,, People just remember the effort he put up with Holy or his ko over Moorer..

But they forget about him being outboxed by Tommy Morrison Going life and death and taking a beating vs gatekeper(at the time) Alex Stewart...Also got gift over Axel chulz, Close fight with Lou Savarese who was more like a top 20 hw than a real contender.,Aksi hs figght with a still green Briggs was about even (no robbery).. Lets be real Foreman was never one of the best hw of the 90s,More like a a bordekube top 10 contender, who was matched well fought a spiirtive and Competetive fight with Holy,and landed a hail mary on a firghter who was domination him,,,There is a reason you never heard him mention Lewis,Bowe and certain other hws.... Hell he didnt even want no part of old man Holmes...

Dont get me wrong good enough to ko some good,quality hw contenders on a good night.,.. But also bad enough to barely get by top 20 for tough journeyman types. He was matched wiell in his 2nd career.
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