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Default Re: Rank these "Top 5 Defeated Opponents" by Ali, Holyfield & Lewis in overall H2H or

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As much as that is one of the most boring fights in the career of Lewis i think it demonstrates a few different attributes for Lewis.

1. Some of the bombs Lewis took from Tua. Clean left hooks that were known to be devastating, Lewis absorbed them well, i think its a great fight for helping put the myth of the Lewis glass jaw to sleep, especially because i think most consider Tua to be a very big puncher.

2. It also helps demonstrate that just being a big puncher is not enough to beat Lewis and that if a one dimensional fighter gets in the ring with him he will outbox him.
David Tua was the fattest man to ever fight for the title. Tua was a decent puncher at 225lbs yet he weighed 250lbs for his fight with Lewis and at the time he signed the contract to fight Lewis he was weighing over 300lbs. come fight night Tua had got down to 250lbs but there was no snap on his punches as he trudged forward after the back-peddling Lewis. your claim that this should dismiss the myth about Lewis having a glass chin is wishful thinking, Hasim Rahman poleaxed Lewis yet Rahman never in his career before or after was able to "Bomb-out" an opponent like he did Lewis, same goes for Oliver McCall
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