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Default Re: Rank these "Top 5 Defeated Opponents" by Ali, Holyfield & Lewis in overall H2H or

Originally Posted by Kalasinn View Post
Yes they are meant to be (my opinion of) the top 5 wins of each in "H2H terms" for the particular version of the fighter they defeated.

I understand there is a big difficulty picking the top 5 for Lewis... because Hasim Rahman could easily be substituted for Andrew Golota, Tony Tucker, David Tua, Shannon Briggs, Razor Ruddock, Oliver McCall or Tommy Morrison.
Before hs controverial stoppag to Tua in the 1st fight.. That was the best Rahman i ever saw, he had TUas number boxing ,jabbing, beatiing Tua to the punche even showed some suprisignly good footwork this was when both guys were in the prime...
THen B POOOOOOW Tua hits him a split second after the bell.. At the time i was borderline, but watching the replay it was clear Rahman didnt expect it and Tua should have disqualified.

As for Briggs im not sure... For the most part prime Rahman was bettter, Even in his priem he was hot and cold ..Rahman was better than the Briggs who was lucky to beat FOremna, Or the one who drew with Botha..

THe one who fought Lewis though looked awesome in ther first few rounds and i can see that version stopping Rahman early.. Back then though Briggs would tend to fade later and Rahman could get him if he lasts... Kind of pickem , but Rahman had the better resume.

Then a few years later they rematched and it was a draw.. I will admit i havent seen the 2nd fight,btu i think i reacalll most thought Rahman was robbed of a win.. If this is true Rahman unoficially proved to be the better man and should be 2-0 vs Tua.

PRime Tucker would have beaten Rahman but the version Lewis fought was past his better days. He could stil take a shot,punch,and had size but he his skills had Obviously left him he was a bordeline top10 at this time, Rahman would win this and definitely the better fighter at the time.

Rahman more times than not kos Tommy.

As for Briggs im not sure, for consistency id say Rahman was the better fighter, had the beter wins. Even i n Briggs prime he was hot and cold and even lost to some less poor oppoisiton . And the Rahman who kod Sanders, and having his way with Tua would have whupped the Briggs who was lucky to beat Foreman and fought questionable draw with Botha
Briggs is a close matchup. Briggs would have to get him early though. The one who fought Lewis though looked awesome though and might spark Rahman.. Briggs had me thinking upset in the first and rocked Lewis early ,and had Lewis knowing he was in with a dangerous man that night.. But we know what happen after Briggs shot his load.Back then Briggs would look good early then fiz out and look ordinary, If Rahman makes it past the early rounds he beats Briggs... Overall Rahman had the better wins though.
.. T
The Mccall who had a breakdown wouldnt have beaten anyone... that fight shoulnt be considered.

These are the only 2.. But since Rahman kod him previoulsy this has to be considered a top win for Lewis since he got his revenge in a dominant ko.

The Golota who beat Lewis would probably take Rahmna if he didnt freak out..

Of all the guys mentioned, i have no doubt that Ruddock would have kod Rahman.

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