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Default Re: Pick a quality you think is underrated or overlooked in an ATG or personal favori

Hagler - Ring intelligence, I mean he made one mistake with the Leonard fight. If you look into it he was trying to be tactical as he thought Leonard would be preparing to fight Southpaws, the only thing Marvelous Marvin didn't know is Leonard was having troubles with his Southy Sparring Partners.

Frazier - Chin, Yes he got blown away by Big George but, people tend to forget he's arguably the hardest puncher of all time? Anyway besides that it was more of a styles job than a bad chin. Seeing Frazier was bobbing right into Georges looping fists.

Hearns - Chin, He only got stopped what 4 times in his career? Once against Ray Leonard after gassing, against Brakley past his prime and out of his weight class, against Uriah Grant after a leg inhury and finally in the infamous WAR which little men would have been able to survive.

Greb - Everything. People see some training footage and think He's not very good. Well we have footage of the likes of: Tunney, Loughran, Walker and we can tell these were excellent fighters who all had different styles and Greb managed to beat all of them. He must have been some fighter.
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