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Default Re: Jump right in?

Originally Posted by Daniel_Kemp View Post

I am new to boxing.

Boxing isn't huge in South Korea, but I think I found a good gym. Is it recommended to jump right in, or should I figure some stuff out on my own before joining?

Thank you,

Daniel Kemp
What do you plan to "figure out"? If you don't know? You won't know what you don't know.

Jump right in to TRAINING. You will need it to get the basics down and your arm strength/endurance up. You should also work on the double end for jab accuracy and breaking in your Boxing shoes moving around the ring. That will take you 1-3 months depending on your fitness level.

Sparring? That depends on the kind of guy you are. Some guys can go in there unprepared, take a licking, and happily return. Some guys take that first whipping and never return. You may be the former, but better to train a bit ahead of time and be prepared than find out you are the latter.
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