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Default Re: Scott Coker demoted......

Originally Posted by Will Cooling View Post
A whole host of reasons. These aren't make believe titles given to people on a whim; they're legally defined concepts. Its quite possible that Coker no longer being a partner in the company (having sold his stock) and the move of the company to Vegas means that legally he can't be called the CEO even if he was still the person responsible for running Strikeforce.

And its worth pointing out that "the business as usual" quote was about Coker still being the man in charge. They made it clear from the start that they would be making back end changes.
This is all conjecture mate. SF as a legal entity STILL exists. And thus there is NO NEED to change their management structure UNLESS the parent company decides so. That in my mind clearly does NOT constitute BAU. Either way as iv already said a thousand times it's there in black and white and the RESULTS speak for themself. Anything outside of that is just rambling supposition.
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